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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to occupy a 15 month old

Dyllan was helping put together her Easter basket
Haha.. this post sums up my day... not just today, everyday.  I think Dyllan is getting really sick of the same games, toys, and lack of constant attention.  Dont get me wrong- she gets plenty of attention- as you can imagine- we live with her uncle Lionel, next door to Yunny and Lozzo, and she is attached at my hip most of her waking hours!  But lately, she wants constant attention.  She will play by herself for about 10- 15 min MAX.. which allows me for just enough time to do... NOTHING.  I have always wished I was good at multi-tasking- but in this case.. Dyllan is all over me when I try.  So today I went on a search for ideas of ways to occupy this 15 month old (in 5 days).  Let me give you a little insight into what a typical day looks like for us..

Dyllan wakes up around 6am these days- happy and usually singing in her crib until someone comes to get her (cant complain here).  We play- eat breakfast- then head down to the gym so I can work out and Dyllan can play at the kids club.  We often meet with friends/ play at the playground after the gym or run an errand or two while we are out and about- then come home for lunch- and Dyllan's nap- phew!  While Dyllan naps- its my time to get stuff done.  Usually a crazy scramble.  Shower, clean up Dyllans breakfast and lunch mess- laundry (the old fashioned way- line dry!) folding, vacuuming or sweeping (everything on the ground is edible to Dyllan)- then I try to catch up on emails/ calls - get a little work done (trying to work from home a few days a week)-  uploading photos/videos and writing a blog post if I have any time left over.  Dyllan is a good sleeper- thank god!  but her naps are never long enough..haha! 

Once Dyllan is up- I am on duty till 6:30pm when I put my bug to bed.  Lately, I have found myself in a bit of an afternoon activity rut.  I have gotten good at popping in a DVD ( horrible, I know.. funny cause I never even turned the TV on while I babysat/nannied...ever.  But now- that the kid is mine- its suddenly ok?!)- making a snack (usually cereal O's, or rice cakes, raisins, seeds, or something that wont squish into the carpet or smear on the floor)- dump out her bucket of toys and hope that she can stay entertained while I finish whatever I was working on before she woke up from her nap. 

Today- entertaining herself by doing handstands

I am lucky when Dijere ("Dearie") comes over to play with Dyllan- because at least she is occupied- however since Dijere is still "in babysitter training"  I have to keep my eyes on both of them quite a bit.  Dijere is getting much better though (not leaving Dyllan alone, sharing the toys with Dyllan, making sure she is safe, doesnt eat anything she shouldn't.. etc..)- so we are making progress.

At 5 o'clock- Dyllan gets ready for dinner- she likes to help me in the kitchen while I figure out what to whip up.   Dyllan eats- then we go straight up stairs for her bath.  By this time of the day- Dyllan really needs a bath!  She hangs onto the side of the tub bouncing up and down squealing with delight as I fill up the tub and squeeze the bubble bath in.  She basically takes her own clothes of- so she can get in quicker.  Dyllan plays with her 4 toys- whale, walrus, nemo, and whale bath book- oh and her toothbrush- same toys, every night.  I could probably add some more- but those plus her wash cloth take long enough to get out- plus she doesn't seem to mind that the selection is limited!  She likes to bite the bubbles- and I taught her how to blow bubbles under water- which she is getting good at now.  After bath time- its story time- usually just 1 or 2 stories (even though she would be up for 10-20 stories)- she loves books!  Then off to sleep.  Phew.  Done. 

..well not quite.  Then I gotta pick up all the toys, food, clothes, bibs from the day and make dinner.  But you know what?  I actually enjoy my routine- and I feel so fortunate that I get to spend the day with Dyllan- and not some nanny.  I get to watch her laugh, walk, talk, play, eat, swim, grow.  These times I know I will always look back on with fond memories. 

So back to the title of this post:  How to occupy a 15 month old. 

I actually googled that today when Dyllan woke up from her nap.  I think shes getting pretty bored with our afternoon routine.  haha.. or at least fed up of me trying to pawn her off on her fisher price friends and a bowl of Cheerios.  I need some new ideas of how to keep her busy for a few min while I get other stuff done.  Any ideas?!  Please share if you have some!

I bought a pack of colored pencils this morning because she likes to color at the kids club.  I'll put those in her Easter basket. 

One of her favorite things to do at the moment is climb the stairs - although she can't climb down (fearless though!  yikes)- Im trying to teach her how to go back down backwards.  She also loves her walking toy- and is starting to learn how to turn it around so she doesnt get stuck every 3 steps. Her keyboard needs new batteries (need to add that to the "to-do list") so its out of commission.  She also loves "folding" laundry- Ill have to post the video I took yesterday- its so funny- she basically just moves her clothes around, and piles them on her head.  But it keeps her occupied while I fold!

Anyway- here is what I found on google...

from I found these suggestions:
  • "Chasing the dog & the cat (poor things!)"
  • "Water - splashing, pouring. "
  • "Also, very helpful things like unpacking all the nappies, taking all her clothes out of her chest of drawers, taking all of the baby potz, sippy cups, etc, out of the cupboard."

I also found:   cool website that allows you to upload photos, keep a journal, record milestones..
Then I got to thinking that maybe I should enroll Dyllan (and me) in a swim school.  These people on the playground were ranting and raving about it the other night when Dan and I took Dyllan to play.  Might be kind of fun for the Bug!  Ugh.. I havent gotten in the pool for more than a few minutes after I stopped swimming competitively in High School... should be interesting.


  1. Erica,
    You are a fabulous mummy! Dyllan is being exposed to so many wonderful experiences and soaking it all up like a sponge. Keep having fun - exhausting as it can be. One day you will long for these days again - being around small children makes you look at the world with wonder all over again! And don't worry about finding elaborate things to do - my girls had more fun watching ladybugs on a piece a grass at the park than going to a crowded theme park!!!
    Keep up the good work!!
    And yes - swimming would be fantastic :D

    Love from San Clemente, CA

  2. Thanks Claire! So true- things are seen much differently when looking through her eyes. I would love to know what YOU did with your girls when they were this age.. and every stage.. whatever you did- it was a huge success! Two amazingly smart/ beautiful girls at USC studying to change the world! Can't wait to see what they end up doing. Thanks for the comments, I love to hear feedback:)