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Thursday, October 16, 2014


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ellie the ballerina

This morning Dyllan dressed Ellie. She also taught Ellie the word "pretty". Ellie's going around the house in her tutu saying "pretty, pretty"

This tutu is for 3 year olds... Ellie's not even 2... Haha.

Can you tell where in thai sequence I took away Ellie's pacifiers?! Then which one I replaced it with a peanut butter sandwich? Haha

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Birthday surprise!

Well it's only 9:15am, and I'm off to a great birthday start!!

I woke up super early this morning, and Dyllan came into bed with me while Dan was out in a bike ride. I asked her if she would sing me happy birthday and tickle my back.. She declined and instead grabbed my cheeks with both hands and told me "mom, you look like a granny." Just like that. So matter a fact. I asked her why (trying not to laugh).. She told me "because your cheeks are so loose and wiggly". Thanks Dyllan. If I didn't feel old already, you just made me feel old and wrinkly!

Then I got up and came out to the kitchen to this lovely surprise dan left me of Cat food, weeds.. I mean flowers, and candy. And a sweet card and juice.

Ellie threw me a tantrum that lasted all morning and Dyllan found maggots on her chair! Totally disgusting!!!!!

I headed out the door early for work, went to a listing appointment, then came into the office to find my desk was decorated with all my favorite things!! Candy, flowers, and a big banner.

Off to start my day now! Can't wait for what the rest of the day has in store. Here's to bring 32!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Yunny & Lozzo's visit

It was so great having Yunny and Lozzo up last weekend. We spent our days doing coffee dates, walks around Bulimba, watching Dyllans ballet, movies & popcorn, long social dinners, and visiting. We hope to see them again soon.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sunday lazy Sunday

We had a big night out last night at a friends dinner party, do all we wanted to do was relax for a bit today. We spent the morning at ikea, got the kids some paints and Ellie a chair so she can sit at dyllans table. Well, that was relaxing for about 2 min until Dyllan decided to paint Ellie's face, and Ellie decided to cover herself in water, then jump on me.

So a lazy Sunday? Yeah. But relaxing? Far from it. What a fun age;)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ahhh Hawaii

Best stop over ever:)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Always a good time in Blaine

We had so much fun up in Blaine visiting aunt Elaine and uncle Bill these past few days. It was extra fun and eventful this time because the The Browns were there too!

The kids played dress ups, took bubble baths, played in the fairy garden, made s'mores, went to a waterside park, played bocce ball, stayed up late and all 3 girls (minus Ellie) shared a bed.

It was extra fun seeing Mylola Maria Sussex-Newton Yates. She's the same barking.. I mean sweet cuddly dog we have always known and loved.

Such fun times and memories to come..

We love Blaine and our big family:)