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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Long Weekend - Gold Coast

Easter is a big holiday in Australia.  School is on break and most people take a vacation over the long weekend.  Camping is popular as the weather is perfect- not too hot and not too cold.  We decided to take advantage of a last min mystery hotel deal and escape to the coast for the weekend.  

We left Thursday afternoon for Surfers Paradise.

Playing at the park and chatting on the phone with Grandpa Sussex 

Main Beach- Surfers Paradise

Enjoying the FREEZING cold pool.. Ellie didnt seem to mind.

Friday morning we took a walk along the beach, stopped to play at the parks then headed to the pool for an early afternoon swim.

That afternoon we headed south an hour to meet up with our friends who were camping at Tweed Heads.  In honor of Good Friday- she cooked up a big batch of fish pancakes.  The kids played all afternoon, while we hung out with our friends.

Ellie and Zane, two peas in a pod.

The girls.. Relaxing

Nat preparing the fish pancake batter

Dance party 

Fish pancakes

Saturday morning we cruised the beach looking for shells in the "sparkle sand" as Dyllan called it.  

Surfers Paradise

Loving the "sparkley sand"

Saturday afternoon we headed up north about 30 min to a cute little coastal town called Labrador where Dan's aunt and uncle live.  We spent Saturday with them exploring their town. Spent the night and woke up to Easter Sunday and the Easter Bunny's visit.

Labrador, looking back to Surfers Paradise

The Easter Bunny Came!!

Dyllan and Ellie's Easter Basket

Egg hunt

Ellie's new favorite face.  Scruch face.

Here comes trouble...

Relaxing in the Zen garden..

The daily pelican feeding.  Nuts.

I see a few crosses in this photo... coincidence?  Yep.

Watch out, Ellie's driving...
Happy Easter!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Surfers Paradise Day Trip

Yesterday we headed down to Surfers Paradise to spend the day at the beach and meet some friend for lunch. The weather was overcast but made for a nice day at the beach- warm with no rain.

We met our friends at a local organic cafe on the beach (complete with a playpen right next to our table for the kids)- let's just say lunch turned into dinner- we stayed that long..

We are heading back down to Surfers Thursday for Easter weekend. We are staying in town Thursday and Friday night, then head to a neighboring suburb (called Labrador) on Saturday afternoon to spend sat and Easter Sunday with dans aunt and uncle.

Looking forward to our weekend away!! (It's funny how Australia takes Easter just as seriously as Christmas- as far as time off and vacations). Work shuts down For a four day weekend. I'm not complaining;)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring break

At our house on a Friday night..

A newton Dance off... Complete with a light show.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sneak peak

From our family photo shoot last weekend..

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

There's a bug in our yard

Black Swan Hens Night

Saturday night a bunch of my "mum" friends and I got all dresses up in our best "black swan" attire to celebrate our friends engagement (a hens night is the same as a bachelorette party).

We cruised the Brisbane river aboard a yacht till dark. Then went out to the city all dressed up as swans. It was fun getting out with the girls for a night on the town, kid free.